Slib Italy is specialized in the manufacturing of pressed Sliding Bearings with thin wall-thickness, dry self-lubricating, or with grease or oil lubrication, and produced in accordance to ISO 3547 directive.
Slib Italy is also a bushings producer and a producer of sliding bearings for high pressure.

Sliding Bearings can be provided as thrust washer in cylindrical shape, or as strips. Other possible variables can be produced according to specific requests or to customers’ drawings. Dimensions range from a min. of 10 mm to a max. of 1.000 mm, both for standard sizes and for special ones.

These Bearings guarantee superior performances in terms of:

  • wear resistance;
  • load capacity, both static and dynamic;
  • maximum flexibility of usage in the most different applications;
  • less space requirement in the application;
  • resistance to impacts and to vibrations;
  • possibility of usage both at low and high temperatures;
  • chemical resistance in contact with various substances.

The aim of FP F.lli Paris with this new production department, together with partners with years of experience in the production of Sliding Bearings, is to become a worldwide reference, focusing its strengths on the achievement, the maintenance and the improvement of the following prerogatives:

  • Team work in order to reach the maximum satisfaction of the client.
  • Flexible manufacturing capability for all the different applications.
  • Competitive prices and high quality technology.
  • Guaranty of the agreed lead times.
  • Attention to the quality of the products.