SBM Type

SBM-10 . SBM-11 . SBM-20

This is a material designed for use where a high wear resistance is needed, even when low or high temperature are present, as much as heavy loads. In comparison to similar materials, this product keeps a relatively low coefficient of friction. The self-lubricating layer is a peculiar mixture of sintered bronze and special solid lubricants.

The backing materials used for this product are carbon steel, stainless steel and bronze. We can produce any dimension for any type of special plain bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washer or sliding plates and shaped tapes according to drawings.

Normally, this material does not require any lubrication, but it can be used with hydrodynamic lubrication.



spherical indentation



PS: the values shown in the graph were determined with a test of constant load, and running for 1000 cycles at three different temperatures: -190 °C, +18 °C and +260 °C

Comparison table

Carbon Steel
+ Sintering bronze
+ Special Treatment
Stainless Steel
+ Sintering bronze
Special Treatmen
+ Special Treatment

SUPPORTING SHELL Carbon Steel S235 JR or Aisi 304 or Bronze CuSn8 – CuZn25Al5
SLIDING LAYERS Self-lubricating black smooth Surface + Bronze (UNI ISP 4383) Cu (Rest) Sn 9 ÷ 11 % Pb 8 ÷ 11 % Layer Thickness max 0.50mm
WORKING TEMPERATURE min - 180 °C - max + 350 °C min - 180 °C - max + 350 °C min - 180 °C - max + 350 °C
COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION 0.03-0.10 0.03-0.10 0.03-0.10
MAX. SPEED 1.00 m/s 1.00 m/s 1.00 m/s
MAX. STATIC LOAD 310 N/mm2 310 N/mm2 310 N/mm2
(max. speed 0.10 m/s)
160 N/mm2 160 N/mm2 160 N/mm2
(max. speed 1.00 m/s)
110 N/mm2 110 N/mm2 110 N/mm2
SHAFT The shaft surface finishing, for optimal performance, shall be between 0.40 and 1.60 micron Ra, depending on different application. Hardness 100 – 160 HB5.

Note: The informaton in this data-sheet is to be considered reliable, but conditons and methods of use, which are beyond our control, may modify the results. The informaton and data contained in this data-sheet are the result of a long and detailed research, however F.lli Paris S.r.l. cannot be considered responsible for any incorrect or incomplete data. Owing to the constant development of the products, we reserve the right to make changes to them without prior notice.